Stop Struggling with HTML Forms. Forever.

This ebook will teach you how to create maintainable HTML forms using best practices for markup and styling with BEM and Sass.

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*Avaliable in PDF and ePUB.


This Book Will Help You


DRY Your Styles

Sass helpers that will keep similar styles together and reduce duplication. You'll have smaller, easier-to-maintain styles and a more cohesive form styling strategy.


Structure Your Markup

Use BEM as a foundation and recommended best practices to keep form styles sane and difference explicit. No more wondering how to name your classes.


Avoid Form Writer’s Block

Markup and structural styling for common form types including Login, Contact, and Event Registration. This is the inspiration treasure chest that keeps you from staring at a blank editor.


Work in the Real World

This isn't based on academic ideals or 10 page sites. The concepts are based on what I've learned building HTML templates for sites with hundreds of pages which are translated into multiple languages.


Develop Faster

See how I leverage Grunt, NPM, and Bower plus common Sass libraries to improve my Sass workflow. Plus, see how source maps make debugging easier.


Bring Your Own Styles

There is no strong design theme included - the concepts in the book are based on best practices for marking up and styling forms so you can more easily manage your own style.

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About the Author


Matt Vanderpol

I’m a web developer who has been building web sites and web apps since 1997. I've seen and used many poor HTML forms and I want to share what I've learned to help you build better, more maintainable HTML forms.

Outside of work, I enjoy reading SciFi, backpacking, and getting into the outdoors with my family.