Site Launch QA Checklist

Photo Credit: AJC1 via Compfight cc

11* things you should check during your next site launch.

  1. Search Engines are not being blocked – be sure to check basic authentication, robots.txt, and meta tags.
  2. There are no broken links – you should run broken link scans before launch as well but sometimes broken links are difficult to identify during final pre-launch QA due to the fact that your current site (likely with a different IA) is still up and working and you may have links that point there.
  3. Favicon is in place and correct – if you rebranded you may have to update it
  4. Local site search reindexed, working, and branded – if you have a local site search you need to be sure that your search results are returning content from the new site and that it’s branded to match your site.
  5. Site update process documented – a new site sometimes means that there’s a new process for updating it. Make sure all of your content contributors know how to add/edit content on the new site.
  6. Analytics tracking code is in place and working – since this often isn’t visible or reviewed during development, it can be missed.
  7. Forms are working – test your forms to be sure that they are working with appropriate “thank you” messaging and that your CRM system is integrated properly.
  8. Metadata is accurate and in place – developing a good title and meta description should be a part of any re-contenting exercise but they can be missed since they’re less visible.
  9. The sitemap.xml is updated and submitted to search engines – another activity that is easy to overlook but should be executed to maximize your SEO efforts.
  10. Development debugging disabled – any testing or debugging code you had from development should be disabled to maximize server performance
  11. Compression is enabled in the web server – for optimal user experience, your web server should be compressing HTML/CSS/JS resources.

* Yes, our list goes to 11.