How I Highlight and Take Notes When I Read

I read almost entirely digitally; most narrative non-fiction as Kindle books and most code/software books as PDF. Over time, I am developing a system to help me retain and get more from what I read. Highlighting I highlight passages as a way to easily refer back to them. Either in the future or as a… Read more

How I use my Apple Watch

I was intrigued by the Apple Watch when it was announced but I wanted to wait and buy a second generation device. I had high hopes for better performance, better battery life, better water resistance, and a thermometer…3 out of 4 ain’t too bad… I’m not on my phone a lot so I haven’t found… Read more

HTML Component Vocabulary

Over a period of almost 20 years of web development I have repeatedly confirmed to myself the concept that “naming things is hard”. In an effort to reduce my own (and hopefully other’s) cognitive load, I have put together an HTML Component Vocabulary. This vocabulary defines standardized markup and classes (using BEM) for common content… Read more

Fixing body and html class specificity

I like to use classes on body and html elements to provide high-level scopes for CSS on a site but I’ve run into issues with specificity in my CSS. After thinking about the problem for a while and reading the thoughts from various CSS luminaries (like Harry Roberts) I came up with a solution that… Read more

An Introduction to Critical CSS in WordPress

A major goal of web site maintainers should be to reduce the amount of time a visitor is required to wait before they can see the content. The longer a page takes to load and display, the more likely that the visitor will simply click away to another site. Critical CSS is an important tool… Read more

Creating a Parallelogram with CSS

I am working on a project where the design calls for a parallelogram with some content in certain places. The solution was an interesting journey and I wanted to share it with others. End Goal The end goal is a parallelogram like this: Getting There Since everything in CSS is based on rectangles, I knew… Read more

Sass Unit Testing with True

True is a library to provide unit testing for Sass. Today we are taking a brief look at how it works and how it can be incorporated into a project. While this won’t necessarily be something that you use on every project it is helpful if you are building a framework or set of standardized… Read more

Migrating from Scut to Bourbon

On an upcoming project I’m going to be using Bourbon and Neat (instead of Compass and Gumby – hmm…I just saw that they are discontinuing Gumby) primarily so that I can use libsass for faster Sass compile times. I usually use Scut but I’ve noticed that there is a fair bit of overlap between what… Read more