Thoughts on Managing Colors in Sass Projects

While working on building out a site from PSD comps, it is common to want to extract colors into a single location and name them to facilitate reuse and bring some consistency to the final pages. However, depending on how many colors are at play in the site, this can be a non-trivial activity. I’m… Read more

Exploring Tile Layouts with Bourbon Neat

Frequently in projects, I find it necessary to lay out a set of tiles (such as logos) on a “grid” system. Invariably different page designs have different requirements for layout: 6 up 5 up centered 4 up but with space on each side 3 up To date, I haven’t come up with a system that… Read more

Easier SVG Animation with Sass

I was working on a project recently where I needed to animate an SVG seven segment display. I thought that this would be a great place to use CSS animation and @keyframes but there would be a lot of repetition in the CSS so I scripted it with Sass. I’ve put together a Sassmeister example… Read more

Better Sass through Susy susy-get Function

Today we are continuing our look at Susy internals to get a better understanding of how Sass can be used in more advanced ways by examining the susy-get function. susy-get Function [gist id=”b36ea4d22606bea80c07″ file=”susy-get.scss”] Comments – Lines 1-5 Every Susy function or mixin that I’ve seen starts with a comment block that explains the purpose… Read more