Accessible Form Example

Form accessibility is frequently not even considered by web developers, but it is a fairly easy activity to create a form that is both easy to use and accessible to to people with disabilities. This example is taken from Better HTML Forms which is a book I’m writing to help developers create better forms. Sample… Read more

HTML vs Body Classes

There was a recent post on CSS-Tricks about HTML vs Body in CSS which was interesting. It made me think about classes that I typically assign to the html tag vs the body tag and I wanted to take the opportunity to codify my process. In a nutshell, the html tag is for classes that… Read more

A Brief Rant on HTML Form Complexity

It seems that there is a tendency among marketers and other folks capturing information online to want to maximize the “effectiveness” of their form interaction by asking for as much information as possible. I’m sure that the thinking is along the lines of “Why simply ask a visitor for their email address in order to… Read more

Image Sprites without Compass – Part 1

I’ve been long interested in migrating from Compass to LibSass for Sass compilation – mainly for performance reasons – but a few things have held me back. The main issue is image sprites. These days I use vectors everywhere I can (either in an icon font via IcoMoon or svgs in CSS via Grunticon or… Read more

Feature Enabled Mixins for Sass

It’s not uncommon to have some CSS that is for certain browser capabilities (JavaScript, animation, etc). By combining a feature detect solution like Modernizr (which sets classes on the html element) with some basic Sass mixins we can make the SCSS more readable. Here is a (contrived) example. See the Pen OPGWdr by Matt Vanderpol… Read more