3 Takeaways from MicroConf 2015

MicroConf 2015 was about a month ago and it was a fantastic conference (as always). As part of getting the most out of the conference, Rob and Mike encourage attendees to really come away with 3 takeaways and 3 relationships.

Over the last month, I’ve been communicating with various people I met or re-met at the conference and my 3 primary takeaways have gelled in my mind.

Be Intentional

Having a large family means that I have limited time available to work on projects so every time I sit down to work on something, I need to be intentional about what I’m working on. This didn’t come from any specific talk, just a general trend that I saw amongst speakers and people that I talked to.

Keep Following Up

Follow up with people until you get a definitive “Yes” or “No”. I know that in the past I’ve stopped following up on consulting opportunities due to simple lack of response from a lead. Based on Steli’s talk, I’m not going to “write my own story” for their lack of response.

Take Chances

I’m naturally a very conservative person and I’m constantly holding back from commenting or sharing things. Again from Steli’s talk, he talked about he’d rather offend 7 people and really connect with 3 than just trigger a ho-hum response in 10 people. It also makes me think of the concept of “Luck Surface Area” – you have to put yourself out there in order to really make things happen.