Migrating from Scut to Bourbon

On an upcoming project I’m going to be using Bourbon and Neat (instead of Compass and Gumby – hmm…I just saw that they are discontinuing Gumby) primarily so that I can use libsass for faster Sass compile times. I usually use Scut but I’ve noticed that there is a fair bit of overlap between what Scut provides and what Bourbon provides.

I decided to take a closer look at how comparable Bourbon is in the areas of Scut that I use regularly. The Sassmeister below documents this comparability:

Play with this gist on SassMeister.

On the whole, it seems like I’ll be OK. There are some differences in argument order (triangle) and some things are missing and I’ll have to create my own mixins (hide-visually, ratio-box). I had some issues with some of the Bourbon mixins/functions not working correctly (rem, position, margin) but that may be due to Sassmeister setup. I can’t imagine that they would be broken in the actual Bourbon distribution.

I’d have liked to have tested this under libsass on Sassmeister but Scut isn’t available under libsass.


I took some time to re-create the test locally and put it into GitHub – scut-bourbon-migration. Now the Bourbon bits all work correctly and I was able to test it under libsass. I think that the issue with Sassmeister is that it was loading Compass without telling me.


  • I prefer Scut’s n syntax to Bourbon’s null for terseness but I can understand why Bourbon uses null
  • Bourbon doesn’t have quite the level of helper I’d like for rems and borders but I can work with it
  • I’ll have to create my own (or find) mixins for ratio-box and hide-visually – worst case I can just copy Scut’s and use them