Update Feature Flags with Capistrano and Rake

After you have feature flags setup in your app, you’re likely to want to enable/disable them easily. Frequently this is done on more of an ad-hoc basis and doesn’t necessarily warrant an interface from within your app. This sort of ad-hoc activity is a good match for Rake and Capistrano.

Using Feature Flags to Manage App Updates with Rails and Mongoid

When you have a new feature for your web application, you frequently want to manage how it is rolled out. It’s always a good idea to only release the feature to a small group of customers as this will help you make sure that it is working as it should.¬†Additionally, you can use feature flags […]

Effectively Testing API Calls with RSpec and VCR

When testing an integration with third party APIs it’s easy for tests to slow down and you might even start running into rate limits. The solution here is to use a gem like VCR (https://github.com/vcr/vcr) to cache the result of the API calls and replay them for subsequent tests. This is a good approach and […]