Better Sass through Susy susy-get Function

Today we are continuing our look at Susy internals to get a better understanding of how Sass can be used in more advanced ways by examining the susy-get function. susy-get Function [gist id=”b36ea4d22606bea80c07″ file=”susy-get.scss”] Comments – Lines 1-5 Every Susy function or mixin that I’ve seen starts with a comment block that explains the purpose […]

Better Sass through Susy with-layout mixin

I really like the Susy grid library and it does some pretty intensive things and takes strong advantage of Sass features. Today, we’re going to look at the with-layout mixin (and the supporting _get-layout function and susy-inspect mixin) with the intent that we can learn more about Sass by looking at non-trivial real world usage. […]

Dash Docset for Susy

I’m a big fan of the Dash documentation browser and the Susy CSS grid framework, but it has bugged me that I couldn’t read the Susy docs in Dash. So I decided to fix it. I’ll update this post when my pull request is accepted and the Docset is available at the standard Dash location. If […]