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Using filters for plugin data

Filters allow getting plugin data in a way that won’t break your site if the plugin is deactivated.

⛓ Two Ways to Break Work Down

Simple work should be broken down to the Point of Confidence, but for mastery, work needs to be broken down to the Fundamentals. Doing only things that I am confident in is a great way to stall. There are quite a few musicians who noodle away at their instrument without making much headway in their […]

⛓ Using logs to build a solid data infrastructure

All of the difficulties related to race conditions and inconsistent data in multi-datastore infrastructures can be eliminated by leveraging a log system like Kafka. The idea is that instead of writing to multiple datastores separately, you write to a log system and your individual datastores then consume the logs to execute their actions. “when I […]

How I Highlight and Take Notes When I Read

I read almost entirely digitally; most narrative non-fiction as Kindle books and most code/software books as PDF. Over time, I am developing a system to help me retain and get more from what I read. Highlighting I highlight passages as a way to easily refer back to them. Either in the future or as a […]

How I use my Apple Watch

I was intrigued by the Apple Watch when it was announced but I wanted to wait and buy a second generation device. I had high hopes for better performance, better battery life, better water resistance, and a thermometer…3 out of 4 ain’t too bad… I’m not on my phone a lot so I haven’t found […]