Effective JavaScript Organization for Small-Scale Sites

There is a lot of discussion online about organizing JavaScript into modules with lazy-load capabilities and auto-require chains. This level of organization can be very valuable in web applications and even in large scale web sites – but in many websites solutions like Require.js are simply too much and introduce a level of complexity that […]

Simulating Limited Bandwidth

Recently I was dealing with an issue where some JS ran fine locally, but not on a staging server. I tracked the problem down to a bandwidth issue – images loaded lightning fast locally but were slow on the staging server and that caused my problems. In order to solve the problem I needed to […]

How to debug JavaScript (or CSS) on Android

Last week, we looked at a contrived JavaScript issue on iOS to demonstrate how to debug it. Today, we’re going to take a similar look at Android. Please note, this technique will only work with Android 4.2 or above. Please see Additional Resources at the bottom for other versions of Android. 1. Install the ADB […]

How to debug JavaScript (or CSS) on iOS

Sometimes you run into an issue where a web page won’t display correctly on iOS. Since mobile devices don’t have robust debugging tools, you can’t easily troubleshoot issues on the devices. The solution is to use Safari’s Web Inspector and today I’m going to walk you through how to set this up and debug an […]