Thoughts on “Useful Sass Snippets – Colors”

I recently saw a post from Hmphry about Useful Sass Snippets in Sass News. I thought it had some really neat ideas in it and I wanted to take a closer look at his bit on Colors. Colors Color management has been a nagging itch for quite a while. I find that the designs I… Read more

3 Takeaways from MicroConf 2015

MicroConf 2015 was about a month ago and it was a fantastic conference (as always). As part of getting the most out of the conference, Rob and Mike encourage attendees to really come away with 3 takeaways and 3 relationships. Over the last month, I’ve been communicating with various people I met or re-met at… Read more

Configurable Star Rating Without JS Redux

The other day, I saw an interesting Sass example of a configurable star rating without JavaScript by Roy Tomeij. I was drawn to several aspects of the approach but noticed that you couldn’t click to “select” a star rating – so I decided to fork his example and update it with that behavior. Click “Result”… Read more

Transform Order Matters

I was recently working on a project that involved a fair bit of CSS animation and I discovered that the order in which the transform functions are ordered in your markup can affect the display. Specifically putting scale(1.2) before translateX(-50%) shifts the element off center. But if the translate is first, then the scale everything… Read more