Creating a Parallelogram with CSS

I am working on a project where the design calls for a parallelogram with some content in certain places. The solution was an interesting journey and I wanted to share it with others. End Goal The end goal is a parallelogram like this: Getting There Since everything in CSS is based on rectangles, I knew […]

Thoughts on Foundational CSS Font Setup

Earlier this week, I listened to the first episode of “Happier with Gretchen Rubin”. One of the things they talked about was if a person was a “satisficer or maximizer” – and I’m definitely out there towards maximizer on the spectrum. This definitely made me “know myself better” and helps me understand my own behaviors […]

Transform Order Matters

I was recently working on a project that involved a fair bit of CSS animation and I discovered that the order in which the transform functions are ordered in your markup can affect the display. Specifically putting scale(1.2) before translateX(-50%) shifts the element off center. But if the translate is first, then the scale everything […]