Sass Unit Testing with True

True is a library to provide unit testing for Sass. Today we are taking a brief look at how it works and how it can be incorporated into a project. While this won’t necessarily be something that you use on every project it is helpful if you are building a framework or set of standardized […]

Migrating from Scut to Bourbon

On an upcoming project I’m going to be using Bourbon and Neat (instead of Compass and Gumby – hmm…I just saw that they are discontinuing Gumby) primarily so that I can use libsass for faster Sass compile times. I usually use Scut but I’ve noticed that there is a fair bit of overlap between what […]

Thoughts on “Useful Sass Snippets – Colors”

I recently saw a post from Hmphry about Useful Sass Snippets in Sass News. I thought it had some really neat ideas in it and I wanted to take a closer look at his bit on Colors. Colors Color management has been a nagging itch for quite a while. I find that the designs I […]

Configurable Star Rating Without JS Redux

The other day, I saw an interesting Sass example of a configurable star rating without JavaScript by Roy Tomeij. I was drawn to several aspects of the approach but noticed that you couldn’t click to “select” a star rating – so I decided to fork his example and update it with that behavior. Click “Result” […]

Image Sprites without Compass – Part 1

I’ve been long interested in migrating from Compass to LibSass for Sass compilation – mainly for performance reasons – but a few things have held me back. The main issue is image sprites. These days I use vectors everywhere I can (either in an icon font via IcoMoon or svgs in CSS via Grunticon or […]

Feature Enabled Mixins for Sass

It’s not uncommon to have some CSS that is for certain browser capabilities (JavaScript, animation, etc). By combining a feature detect solution like Modernizr (which sets classes on the html element) with some basic Sass mixins we can make the SCSS more readable. Here is a (contrived) example. See the Pen OPGWdr by Matt Vanderpol […]

Easier SVG Animation with Sass

I was working on a project recently where I needed to animate an SVG seven segment display. I thought that this would be a great place to use CSS animation and @keyframes but there would be a lot of repetition in the CSS so I scripted it with Sass. I’ve put together a Sassmeister example […]