3 Takeaways from MicroConf 2015

MicroConf 2015 was about a month ago and it was a fantastic conference (as always). As part of getting the most out of the conference, Rob and Mike encourage attendees to really come away with 3 takeaways and 3 relationships. Over the last month, I’ve been communicating with various people I met or re-met at […]

HTML vs Body Classes

There was a recent post on CSS-Tricks about HTML vs Body in CSS which was interesting. It made me think about classes that I typically assign to the html tag vs the body tag and I wanted to take the opportunity to codify my process. In a nutshell, the html tag is for classes that […]

Thoughts on Managing Colors in Sass Projects

While working on building out a site from PSD comps, it is common to want to extract colors into a single location and name them to facilitate reuse and bring some consistency to the final pages. However, depending on how many colors are at play in the site, this can be a non-trivial activity. I’m […]