Link: Browser stats for Q4 Some general trends in web browser usage – keeping an eye on this can help you make decisions on where to focus your development and QA efforts in the absence of more specific information for your audience. Curious to see how big mobile usage is in Nigeria and India. Definitely something to keep in […]

Link: Estimated reading time in web design Interesting how a little detail can have such a big effect. An example of how setting expectations can have a big benefit. Showing an estimated time improved time on site by 13.8%. What's more interesting though—people either followed me, subscribed to my blog, or retweeted my articles 66.7% more often. Via

Site Launch QA Checklist

11* things you should check during your next site launch. Search Engines are not being blocked – be sure to check basic authentication, robots.txt, and meta tags. There are no broken links – you should run broken link scans before launch as well but sometimes broken links are difficult to identify during final pre-launch QA […]

Handling 404’s Gracefully

You can spend countless hours working on your website, tuning and tweaking as much as you can. You can link check and scan and editorialize every page. But you will still get 404’s. It may be from typos in links from other sites. It may be from retiring or renaming a page. It may simply […]

Surveying the Landscape – Part 1 in a Series on Cross Browser QA

Your website needs to work on many different browsers and to ensure that it works you need to make cross-browser QA a standard part of your process. This is the first of a multi-post series addressing how to setup cross-browser QA and make it as easy as possible so that you can easily integrate it with […]