Link Roundup

The stomach flu descended on our family this week and, while I didn’t get sick, I’ve been taking care of others who did. As a result today’s post is a group of links I’ve been reading and thinking about related to webdev and QA rather than something original. [Web Components] allow us to bundle […]

Link: Touch action tests PPK just updated his results table for touch actions on mobile devices. A fantastic resource for low-level mobile web interaction details. Via:

Link: width=device-width, initial-scale, and too-wide elements Investigation by PPK into how different mobile browsers handle display of wide elements with different meta viewport values. Unless you have a special need, safest approach seems to be to specify both initial-scale=1 and width=device-width

Link: Browser stats for Q4 Some general trends in web browser usage – keeping an eye on this can help you make decisions on where to focus your development and QA efforts in the absence of more specific information for your audience. Curious to see how big mobile usage is in Nigeria and India. Definitely something to keep in […]

Cross-Browser QA on Mobile

There are 3 main approaches to mobile QA: Use a physical device Use a local emulator Use a hosted service We’ll discuss all three options and then focus on the sorts of things that you should QA on a mobile device which are the same no matter which approach you take for a testing environment.

5 Dead-Easy Things to do for a Better Mobile Website

There are many things you can do to make your website better for mobile (CSS3, SVG, Web fonts, CSS and JS minification). Here are 5 dead-easy things (each one should take no more than 10 minutes) that you can do today that will have an impact. 5. Let your “desktop” site be viewable on mobile […]