Link: The Art of Test Team Management and Motivation An older document but with some good guidelines about managing a team of testers. Some excerpts: Guide your team to align with the project objectives …However, if testers believe they will be blamed for the quality of the software, they tend to develop a risk-averse approach, adopting a position of quality guardians, becoming rather […]

Site Launch QA Checklist

11* things you should check during your next site launch. Search Engines are not being blocked – be sure to check basic authentication, robots.txt, and meta tags. There are no broken links – you should run broken link scans before launch as well but sometimes broken links are difficult to identify during final pre-launch QA […]

Always Be QA’ing – It’s a Process, not a Milestone

The web is not a static place. Pages and sites are being added and removed constantly. Services stop working. Your position and product or service focus changes over time. You need to account for this in your day-to-day processes. Yes, it is important to QA your website or web app before you launch, but you […]