An Introduction to Critical CSS in WordPress

A major goal of web site maintainers should be to reduce the amount of time a visitor is required to wait before they can see the content. The longer a page takes to load and display, the more likely that the visitor will simply click away to another site. Critical CSS is an important tool […]

Walkthrough: Setting up a Secure WordPress Site with Git – Part 1

This article is a walkthrough on the steps to setup a fairly secure* WordPress site leveraging git to make updates easier. It is the result of a set of best practices that I follow when setting up a new WordPress site. This is not a guarantee of a “hackproof” WordPress site. It is merely a […]

Link Roundup

The stomach flu descended on our family this week and, while I didn’t get sick, I’ve been taking care of others who did. As a result today’s post is a group of links I’ve been reading and thinking about related to webdev and QA rather than something original. [Web Components] allow us to bundle […]

Use Google’s jQuery in WordPress for Better Performance

Page load performance is a big deal for retaining visitors and SEO. One of the simplest things you can do to improve performance is to use Google’s CDN-hosted jQuery. There are some good reasons to do this and some arguments against it. I find that while you need to be careful and test your site […]