Using filters for plugin data

WordPress filters are a useful (though frequently underutilized) feature. They allow code outside of your plugin or theme to change data in a structured way, but they can also be used to get data from a plugin in a safer way than using a constant or a function. If your plugin exposes a value through… Read more

⛓ Two Ways to Break Work Down

Simple work should be broken down to the Point of Confidence, but for mastery, work needs to be broken down to the Fundamentals. Doing only things that I am confident in is a great way to stall. There are quite a few musicians who noodle away at their instrument without making much headway in their… Read more

⛓ Using logs to build a solid data infrastructure

All of the difficulties related to race conditions and inconsistent data in multi-datastore infrastructures can be eliminated by leveraging a log system like Kafka. The idea is that instead of writing to multiple datastores separately, you write to a log system and your individual datastores then consume the logs to execute their actions. “when I… Read more

How I Highlight and Take Notes When I Read

I read almost entirely digitally; most narrative non-fiction as Kindle books and most code/software books as PDF. Over time, I am developing a system to help me retain and get more from what I read. Highlighting I highlight passages as a way to easily refer back to them. Either in the future or as a… Read more

How I use my Apple Watch

I was intrigued by the Apple Watch when it was announced but I wanted to wait and buy a second generation device. I had high hopes for better performance, better battery life, better water resistance, and a thermometer…3 out of 4 ain’t too bad… I’m not on my phone a lot so I haven’t found… Read more

HTML Component Vocabulary

Over a period of almost 20 years of web development I have repeatedly confirmed to myself the concept that “naming things is hard”. In an effort to reduce my own (and hopefully other’s) cognitive load, I have put together an HTML Component Vocabulary. This vocabulary defines standardized markup and classes (using BEM) for common content… Read more

Fixing body and html class specificity

I like to use classes on body and html elements to provide high-level scopes for CSS on a site but I’ve run into issues with specificity in my CSS. After thinking about the problem for a while and reading the thoughts from various CSS luminaries (like Harry Roberts) I came up with a solution that… Read more

An Introduction to Critical CSS in WordPress

A major goal of web site maintainers should be to reduce the amount of time a visitor is required to wait before they can see the content. The longer a page takes to load and display, the more likely that the visitor will simply click away to another site. Critical CSS is an important tool… Read more

Creating a Parallelogram with CSS

I am working on a project where the design calls for a parallelogram with some content in certain places. The solution was an interesting journey and I wanted to share it with others. End Goal The end goal is a parallelogram like this: Getting There Since everything in CSS is based on rectangles, I knew… Read more