Sass Unit Testing with True

True is a library to provide unit testing for Sass. Today we are taking a brief look at how it works and how it can be incorporated into a project. While this won’t necessarily be something that you use on every project it is helpful if you are building a framework or set of standardized… Read more

Migrating from Scut to Bourbon

On an upcoming project I’m going to be using Bourbon and Neat (instead of Compass and Gumby – hmm…I just saw that they are discontinuing Gumby) primarily so that I can use libsass for faster Sass compile times. I usually use Scut but I’ve noticed that there is a fair bit of overlap between what… Read more

Thoughts on Foundational CSS Font Setup

Earlier this week, I listened to the first episode of “Happier with Gretchen Rubin”. One of the things they talked about was if a person was a “satisficer or maximizer” – and I’m definitely out there towards maximizer on the spectrum. This definitely made me “know myself better” and helps me understand my own behaviors… Read more

Thoughts on “Useful Sass Snippets – Colors”

I recently saw a post from Hmphry about Useful Sass Snippets in Sass News. I thought it had some really neat ideas in it and I wanted to take a closer look at his bit on Colors. Colors Color management has been a nagging itch for quite a while. I find that the designs I… Read more

3 Takeaways from MicroConf 2015

MicroConf 2015 was about a month ago and it was a fantastic conference (as always). As part of getting the most out of the conference, Rob and Mike encourage attendees to really come away with 3 takeaways and 3 relationships. Over the last month, I’ve been communicating with various people I met or re-met at… Read more

Configurable Star Rating Without JS Redux

The other day, I saw an interesting Sass example of a configurable star rating without JavaScript by Roy Tomeij. I was drawn to several aspects of the approach but noticed that you couldn’t click to “select” a star rating – so I decided to fork his example and update it with that behavior. Click “Result”… Read more

Transform Order Matters

I was recently working on a project that involved a fair bit of CSS animation and I discovered that the order in which the transform functions are ordered in your markup can affect the display. Specifically putting scale(1.2) before translateX(-50%) shifts the element off center. But if the translate is first, then the scale everything… Read more

Accessible Form Example

Form accessibility is frequently not even considered by web developers, but it is a fairly easy activity to create a form that is both easy to use and accessible to to people with disabilities. This example is taken from Better HTML Forms which is a book I’m writing to help developers create better forms. Sample… Read more