Responsive Design Testing Techniques

Popular screen resolutions from Responsive design testing is critical when you’re building a responsive site. However, this testing takes a lot of effort due to the large number of devices and resolutions. Today we’re going to take a brief look at some techniques you can use to make this easier.

Improving the Performance of your Website

Having a fast website is important for both SEO and User Experience (UX). If a site is too slow to load, people are more likely to move on to something else. This is a short list of fairly easy activities that can be accomplished by any competent web developer which will have a major impact […]

Site Launch QA Checklist

11* things you should check during your next site launch. Search Engines are not being blocked – be sure to check basic authentication, robots.txt, and meta tags. There are no broken links – you should run broken link scans before launch as well but sometimes broken links are difficult to identify during final pre-launch QA […]

Handling 404’s Gracefully

You can spend countless hours working on your website, tuning and tweaking as much as you can. You can link check and scan and editorialize every page. But you will still get 404’s. It may be from typos in links from other sites. It may be from retiring or renaming a page. It may simply […]

Simulating Limited Bandwidth

Recently I was dealing with an issue where some JS ran fine locally, but not on a staging server. I tracked the problem down to a bandwidth issue – images loaded lightning fast locally but were slow on the staging server and that caused my problems. In order to solve the problem I needed to […]

5 Dead-Easy Things to do for a Better Mobile Website

There are many things you can do to make your website better for mobile (CSS3, SVG, Web fonts, CSS and JS minification). Here are 5 dead-easy things (each one should take no more than 10 minutes) that you can do today that will have an impact. 5. Let your “desktop” site be viewable on mobile […]

Always Be QA’ing – It’s a Process, not a Milestone

The web is not a static place. Pages and sites are being added and removed constantly. Services stop working. Your position and product or service focus changes over time. You need to account for this in your day-to-day processes. Yes, it is important to QA your website or web app before you launch, but you […]

Welcome to the QAtab Blog

This is the inaugural post of the QAtab blog and I wanted to take the opportunity to welcome you. The blog for a SaaS app provides a way to teach, inform, and communicate and I’ll be using this space to do all three. In the coming weeks, you will find articles to teach you how […]